Azure Kingfisher

Azure Kingfisher, Ceyx azureus

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Scientific name: Ceyx azureus




Call: a high-pitched, shrill, pseet-pseet





Other names:


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Azure Kingfisher Subspecies
Scientific name Range
Ceyx azureus azureus Coastal e and se Australia
Ceyx azureus affinis N Moluccas (Morotai, Halmahera and Bacan)
Ceyx azureus diemenensis Tasmania
Ceyx azureus lessonii Lowlands of New Guinea, w Papuan islands and Fergusson I.
Ceyx azureus ochrogaster N New Guinea and islands in Geelvink Bay
Ceyx azureus ruficollaris Coastal n Australia and major offshore outlying islands
Ceyx azureus wallaceanus Aru Islands
Ceyx azureus yamdenae Tanimbar Islands (s Banda Sea)

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