Black-backed Kingfisher

Black-backed Kingfisher, Ceyx erithaca

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Scientific name: Ceyx erithaca




Call: Weak, thin seet thinner and higher pitched than Blue-eared Kingfisher. A high-pitched, shrill or soft tsriet-tsriet in flight.




Other names:


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Black-backed Kingfisher Subspecies
Scientific name Range
Ceyx erithaca erithaca India and Sri Lanka to se China, Indochina and Sumatra
Ceyx erithaca captus Nias I. (off nw Sumatra)
Ceyx erithaca jungei Batu I. and Simeulue I. (off nw Sumatra)
Ceyx erithaca macrocarus Nicobar Islands and (?) Andaman Islands
Ceyx erithaca motleyi Borneo and adjacent northern offshore islands

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