Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis

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Scientific name: Alcedo atthis




Call: a short sharp whistle, chee, repeated two or three times.

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Common Kingfisher Subspecies
Scientific name Range
Alcedo atthis atthis SE Europe and North Africa to nw India
Alcedo atthis bengalensis L Baikal and n India through e and SE Asia mainland and islands
Alcedo atthis floresiana Lesser Sundas (Bali to Timor and Wetar)
Alcedo atthis hispidoides Sulawesi to Moluccas, New Guinea and Bismarck Arch.
Alcedo atthis ispida British Isles to w Russia, Iberian and Baltic peninsulas
Alcedo atthis solomonensis Bougainville and Solomon Islands (east to San Cristóbal)
Alcedo atthis taprobana S India and Sri Lanka

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