Hook-billed Kingfisher

Hook-billed Kingfisher, Melidora macrorrhina

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Scientific name: Melidora macrorrhina




Call: Hook-billed Kingfishers call and sing mainly at night. The commonest call is a plaintive liquid whistle followed by 1–4 (usually 2–3) short notes at higher pitch: ‘teuw-tu-tu’ or ‘tooo-too-too’. Sometimes there are 2–3 initial plaintive whistles; and the final short note may be trilled. The call lasts about 1 second, and resembles a short, loud Common Paradise Kingfisher song. A second call or song is an irregular series of 3–5 plaintive notes, downslurred and then upslurred, lasting 2–5 seconds (Coates 1985). The alarm is a repeated chatter, like a paradise kingfisher.




Similar species:


Hook-billed Kingfisher Subspecies
Scientific name Range
Melidora macrorrhina macrorrhina New Guinea, Misool, Salawati and Batanta islands
Melidora macrorrhina jobiensis Yapen I. and n New Guinea (Geelvink to Astrolabe Bay)
Melidora macrorrhina waigiuensis Waigeo I. (w Papuan islands)

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