Ruddy Kingfisher

Ruddy Kingfisher, Halcyon coromanda

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Scientific name: Halcyon coromanda




Call: tremulous fluty pyorr, pyorr





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Ruddy Kingfisher Subspecies
Scientific name Range
Halcyon coromanda coromanda E Himalayas to n Myanmar and sw China; winters to Sumatra
Halcyon coromanda bangsi Ryukyu Islands: winters Philippines and Talaud Islands
Halcyon coromanda claudiae Sulu Archipelago (Tawitawi, Bulubuk and Sanga Sanga)
Halcyon coromanda linae Palawan (sw Philippines)
Halcyon coromanda major Japan to Korea, ne China; winters to Taiwan, Philippines, Borneo
Halcyon coromanda minor Riau Arch., Mentawi Arch., s Malay Pen. and Greater Sundas
Halcyon coromanda mizorhina Andaman Islands; questionable Nicobar I. specimen
Halcyon coromanda pelingensis Peleng I. (off e Sulawesi)
Halcyon coromanda rufa S Sulawesi, Sangihe, Muna and Butung islands
Halcyon coromanda sulana Sula Islands (e of Sulawesi)

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