Updates for 28 AUG 2012

I have spent a lot of time this week finding datasets for range date. The data I have so far is from GBIF.org  and Lifemapper.org (consolidator of GBIF data). I have not been able to determine how Lifemapper maps the GBIF data into the Lifemapper datasets, so I have ended up with automatically pulled Lifemapper datasets and manually pulled GBIF datasets, which include manually edited geotags.

I have figured out how to clip regions from the world map. I will be writing about that in a separate article. The real trick so far has been to figure out the right size/proportions for the clipped area. I haven’t been able to get R to plot a map with all the aesthetics that I want, so for now I’m plotting a huge map and then resizing with Irfanview to get the look that I want. Once I have tweaked the appearances the way I want I will post my R code that gets the datasets and plots the maps.

The first map I have produced and posted is for the Green-backed Kingfisher. I still have a bunch of data for the Green-backed Kingfisher that needs to be geo-coded. That will be my next task, then I will try to document the workflow for making the range maps.

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